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Our Services

Liability Claim Specialists

Liability field investigators and adjusters who know state specific legal & demographic peculiarities including analysis of medical documentation by registered nurse specialists; valuation and negotiation in resolution of personal injury claims; attend mediation on behalf of the defense.

Designated SIU

We serve as Designated SIU on behalf of insurers and are members of the IASIU. In addition, we offer surveillance in cases of suspected fraud or claim verification for insurers/self-insured corporate clients and their defense counsel.

Trucker's Windshield Program

Eliminate time & aggravation taken by trucker’s staff responding to motorists alleging windshield damage by your trucks. On a nationwide basis, we offer a method for receiving a claim, ruling out injury, determining liability, issuing denial of liability letters or arranging windshield replacement if warranted, all on a flat rate (per claim) basis.

Become a Guardian of the Pool